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"B & B Fire and Security is a great security company... They are locally owned and I don’t have to deal with anyone across the country. We own our security system and we are not locked into a long term contract  Our monthly monitoring is low and we get a higher discount on our home owners insurance with State Farm... Thanks B & B Fire and Secutiry!!"

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Don't get scammed

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Don't trust your property to a new technician from a national chain

A national chain is great if you want to make a billion hamburgers that taste the same, but when it comes to protecting your home of business, you want somebody who will listen to you and implement protection that meets your specific needs instead of a technician who is going through the numbers of his on-size-fits-all system.


Get more than a system installation. Get life-long consulting services of far-greater value from one of the highest credentialed staff in the Midwest with international recognition. Work with specialists who consultant the civilian sector, law enforcement, and the military.

Don't believe in the many "free" or low-cost security systems available today advertised by national chains. Even the most amateur of burglars can get past these systems in a matter of SECONDS.


Have us customize a system for you that REALLY works. Get an alarm with 24-hour monitoring, remote access from cell phone, no landline requirement, and any other options you may want.  

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