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Access control

"In my eight years in the security field, I have found Steve to be the most through and knowledgeable person in the area of security electronics."

- D.P.Z. (President

Safe & Sound Security Consultants)

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Do more than limit access

Access card being inserted to the door lock

Know who is using your property and what they are doing

Limit and control access to your property. Enable card swipe or key tag entry. Automate and monitor things like lighting, energy management, surveillance, and more. Don't leave your home, business, or apartment building unrestricted.


Let Dr. Stephen Barnhart, an experienced security consultant who has advised law enforcement, private security firms, and the military both in the US and abroad and his staff advise you on what you need to properly manage your residential, rental, or commercial property.    

Don't trust the security of your home or business to just access control. Make sure that you are protected in every way to ensure you and your family's safety as well as protecting yourself from liability.


Make sure to check out the other services we provide as well like burglar alarms, fire alarms, CCTV, monitoring, and more.